What a delightful time it was. The Crazy 8s authors must have been feeling the pull the emerging moon on a beautiful fall evening in Stayton. They were full good well and happy to be appearing in the community room of the wonderful Stayton Public Library. And from the get-go each author’s presentation was laced with humor, from laugh-out-loud lines to chuckle-gendering takes on writing and life in general. The audience was filled with faces sparkling with smiles as they enjoyed the witty lines along with the more poignant moments offered to them by the writers.

The 8-minute presentations were followed by a brisk Q&A session with questions primarily about publishing and the authors’ opinions of marketing and other aspects of the book biz.

Thanks to our host Katinka Bryk, library director, for a warm welcome and to the Friends of the Library for providing wine and cheese, while Stephanie Rubel, library director of marketing, handled book sales—it all worked very well.

Oh, and thanks to Katy King, wife of author Dana Haynes, for baking up a batch of chocolate chip cookies that were scrumptious.

And yes, it was a lively session with much humor, an interested audience, and goodies. What’s not to like?

George Byron Wright,
Crazy 8s Administrator

Authors appearing were: Dan DeWeese, Dana Haynes, Susan Hill Long, Phillip Margolin, Gina Ochsner, Jody Seay, Molly Best Tinsley, and Karen Spears Zacharias.

Next up: #6 – Seaside: The next Crazy 8s Author Tour appearance will be on Thursday, October 29, at the Seaside Public Library, 1131 Broadway St., Seaside, 6:00 p.m. Beach Books will be the book vendor.

Authors to appear October 29: Dan DeWeese, Molly Gloss, Justin Hocking, Karen Karbo, Craig Lesley, Susan Hill Long, Barbara Corrado Pope, and Karen Spears Zacharias.