It rained a little bit the evening the Crazy 8s Author Tour visited the beautiful Beaverton City Library. But the bluster outdoors did nothing to dampen the spirits of the authors who settled in for our seventh event. An attentive audience was presented with the gift of creative expression from each writer. We are all fascinated about the well of ideas that authors dip into for their work, albeit creative nonfiction or stories that take us to places unknown and tell us things surprising, soul-searching, gut-wrenching, thrilling, and humorous. Whatever the style, the works of creativity move us and entertain us.

Last Thursday, some authors noted the love of place in their writing, and how likely they are to write about where they grew up. And there was of course discussion about why they write in the first place: “I write because I’m curious about everything.” “For me, writing just happens, and I write what I wanted to read.” “Everybody who writes has a zone. And you should write to entertain yourself.” “Be very tolerant of yourself about writing.” “It takes discipline to write. Just do it and shed your doubts.” “Fiction is the deepest truth.”

It was a grand time. Thanks also to Jacobsen’s Books of Hillsboro for managing the book sales stemming from a busy time of audience members chatting with authors and getting their favorite books signed.

The authors who participated in Beaverton where: K.B. Dixon, Cai Emmons, Dana Haynes, Lauren Kessler, Craig Lesley, Johnny Shaw, Barbara Corrado Pope, and Molly Best Tinsley.

Next up, the final stop on the 2015 Crazy 8s Author Tour, Albany!