And so people gathered in the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library in anticipation of something they’d never witnessed before. With the books arrayed by Grass Roots Books & Music, and lemonade and cookies offered on a back table, our authors sat quietly on the front riser awaiting their moments.

Following warm welcomes from librarian Charles Dunham, and Jack Wolcott of Grass Roots Books, and the usual Crazy 8s explanation was administered by yours truly, the game was on—it was our fourth event.

I’ve discovered that each Crazy 8s event has its own tone of verve, humor, and interpretations of creativity, along with the how and why of being a writer. Last evening the audience was captivated by how each author spoke to them of their appetite for writing. Most confessed that they do it because there is no recourse for addressing life without putting down words and then sending them off to see if anyone cares what they’ve written. Often letting go of their latest work is painful because they’ve lost their closest friend and of course must start again. Explanations of how a certain novel or memoir came into being fascinated those in attendance. And a full frontal discussion of how writing allows an inner interpretation of who we are and how we can do that because of the freedom to write in any manner we want was an impressive moment. It was an exceptional evening of creative discovery.

After eight amazing presentations, the audience gathered at tables of books with authors seated behind and talked and talked and bought many of those books. It was a splendid time.

George Byron Wright,
Crazy 8s Administrator

Authors appearing were: Dan DeWeese, K.B. Dixon, Cai Emmons, Lisa Ohlen Harris, Lauren Kessler, Phillip Margolin, Ismet (Izzy) Prcic, and Ellen Waterston

Next up: #5 – Stayton: The next Crazy 8s Author Tour appearance will be on Thursday, October 22, at the Stayton Public Library, 515 N. First Avenue, Stayton, 7:00 p.m. The Friends of the Library Bookstore will be the book vendor.

Authors to appear October 22: Dan DeWeese, Dana Haynes, Susan Hill Long, Phillip MargolinJody Seay, Molly Best Tinsley, and Karen Spears Zacharias