Diabolical daring and ferocious fun — bringing writers together like George Wright did for the Crazy 8′s Tour. Eight locations, eight authors and each with only five minutes to speak (why not eight? I don’t know.) But George gave us five. Five minutes to tell readers something noble about this life we live—something good and generous and real and maybe a little dark. Or plenty dark, and plenty dirty too. Why not? Why not just let it all hang out there? The Crazy 8′s Tour was like Cirque du Soleil but without the fancy outfits. We did have a trapeze though, and authors flung themselves through the room, thrilling everyone with their with daring turn of phrases and leaps of logic. And there, stretched from one insane height to another, we had a tight-rope and writers walking that slender line, balanced between truth and fantasy and joy and sorrow and inhalation and the all important and sometimes overused exhalation. We had lion tamers, jugglers, contortionists and clowns. And of course we had our most generous and gracious Master of Ceremonies George Wright. What a time you created, George. What a time. What a time. What a time. A couple dozen authors, hundreds of readers, thousands of miles under eight big wonderful tents. Bravo.

Naseem Rakha