My participation in the Crazy Eights Author Tour was the high point of my promotional year. I published a new book in July so my travels with the tour helped sales. More importantly for me, however, was the chance the tour gave me to meet and talk to other authors. It is clear to me that no matter how successful we are or how much experience we have, we, as authors, can always learn a lot from people who are in our same “boat,” so to speak. All authors have the same problems and the same hopes and fears and dreams.

All three of my events were good ones, with bookstore owners going out of their way to make us feel welcome. My favorite event, though, was the signing at The Dalles-Wasco County Library. I don’t think I have ever appeared before such an attentive and interested audience. Maybe it was because they don’t see that many authors in the same place very often. We were the big event in town that day, I am sure. For whatever reason, the experience for me was one to be treasured.

Ron Lovell, Author